Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this FAQ in English?

While we are trying to be accessible for as many people as possible, we don't have the resources to translate all our content to multiple languages at the moment.

What is WeGlide?

WeGlide is an online platform where you can share and analyze your flights.

Who is WeGlide built for?

WeGlide is built for glider pilots around the globe. Everyone can upload their flights.

How did WeGlide start?

We had great interest in the analysis of glider flights but were not able to build the ideas we had like thermal maps on top of existing solutions. That is why we decided to start WeGlide.

What are the long term goals of WeGlide?

WeGlide wants to become an international platform and enable people from all over the world to share their flights.

How many people are working on WeGlide?

We are three core developers working full time on the project. We are supported by two people working part time.

What is the structure of WeGlide?

WeGlide is a company. This enables us to host competitions like the DMSt and also receive funding for the ideas we have towards scientific research.

What is your motivation?

We think that we can build a platform that creates value for the community and helps everyone to become a better pilot.

What is your standing towards scientific research?

We have a background in science and want to enable research with the flight data. If you need data for your own scientific research, please reach out and we'll make it happen.

One more platform?

For the past years it has been very valuable to only have one major platform where people shared their flights worldwide. Flights could easily be compared and everything was in one place. We hope that after a transition period WeGlide will become this platform.

What is the role of the DMSt on the platform?

WeGlide is being paid by the German Aero Club host the DMSt. The DMSt is one of multiple competitions on the WeGlide websites. There might be more national competitions in the future. We enjoy the valuable exchange with the DAeC about future features for the DMSt.

What will WeGlide be able to do?

The features you can use at the moment are just a small part of the features we are working on. Those include but are not limited to: Live-tracking and scoring, task planner with deep weather integration, thermal and wave maps.

Will there be an app for my smartphone?

There are currently no plans to create native apps for Android and IOS. However you can add WeGlide as an app to your homescreen via your browser.

Why did you not build on top of SkyLines?

We admire what has been achieved with SkyLines and are in contact with the creator of SkyLines. Hosting SkyLines as a company could have provided licensing issues. Also, there are many areas where we use different technologies / approaches than SkyLines.

Is there any connection to the Onlinecontest?

Some of us have been promoted in their gliding activity by junior programs set up by the Onlinecontest. We fully acknowledge the achievements and progress that the Onlinecontest has created for the gliding community. During the first stage of development we reached out to the Onlinecontest but did not see a way to contribute in way that would have enabled us to build the features we wanted to build.

Do I need to upload to multiple platforms?

Our API allows other providers to upload flights to WeGlide and we would welcome them to do so. If other platforms are willing, we would also love to implement a direct upload from WeGlide.

What will WeGlide cost me as pilot?

WeGlide is and always will be free to use for everyone. There will be premium functionality in the future (historical weather data/satellite images). Premium functionality will allow us to continue adding free features to the platform.

Is WeGlide independent from other companies and institutions?

WeGlide is an independent company and decisions are made based on our best intentions.

Then who are all the sponsors and partners?

We are really thankful for all sponsors helping us bring and keep our vision alive. We display their logo and link their website on our front page. Partners are companies or organisations we work together with, e.g. enable direct flight uploads from or task downloads to devices.

In which Languages will WeGlide be available?

WeGlide is currently available in English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Polish and Czech.

Who is setting the rules for WeGlide?

The rules are currently aligned to the DMSt (German decentralized gliding competition). We are currently evaluating how to set up a rule making process which integrates the community and is not only governed by us.

Which index list will be used?

We use the index list which is used by the DMSt.

What is the software license?

Some parts of our software will be open source.

Are aliases allowed for flight registration?

To be able to enter competitions like the DMSt your real name is required.

May I upload flights from that have never taken place (e.g. from condor)?

No, this is explicitly forbidden in our user agreement and can lead to a ban from further use of our services.

Why is my question not answered here?

Please open an issue on our bugtracker and we will add your question to this section.

We ask you to understand that we are working on a lot of different topics at the moment and apologize if not everything meets your expectations yet.