Welcome to the WeGlide developer section.

We offer three distinct services to work with: API, OAuth and Maps.


We encourage the use of our API. The interface enables read access to all the data publicly available on the Website (e.g. flights, aircraft, airports, users, clubs).

Please note that the API is not finalized. We are planing for API versioning to minimize breaking changes.

Write access

For private data or write access you need consent from the user which is given via OAuth 2 (see separate OAuth section below).

The search endpoint enables text search for every data endpoint called "document". Multiple documents can be passed separated by comma like this: user,aircraft,airport.

Feel free to inspect requests from the website to understand how we are using the API or write us for help, mentioning your project.


Our OAuth endpoints are used to integrate services or hardware with WeGlide. Services which are granted access from the user can do everything their scopes allow. Such as uploading/editing flights or declaring/downloading (private) tasks. The user has the power to revoke these permissions at any time.

Please contact us for a OAuth application token with your application name and logo.


Our maps are build by us with love and open data.

They are compatible with most modern mapping software thanks to open standards such as mapbox vector tiles and raster tiles. We have published the code we use to build our maps from raw elevation data.

We are planing to make our hosted maps available as a service with fair (talk cheaper than Mapbox/Maptiler etc.) billing. Please contact us so we know there is demand.

Available layers

  • Hypsometric base map: Retina friendly raster tiles
  • Open Street Map: Vector tiles for custom styling. Intended as overlay but includes landcover as well
  • Vector Airports: With gliding usage for hiding less important airports on lower zoom levels. Based on OpenAIP
  • Vector Airspaces: Based on OpenAIP