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Design material

Images and logos

Our font is called Lato and free to use. Our main color codes are.

  • Dark blue #2d55a6
  • Medium blue #367fbf
  • Light blue #55b3d9

What is WeGlide doing?

We are offering a plattform for the global gliding community. The basic idea is that pilots can plan, analyze and share their flights with stories.

The collective flights enable community driven analysis methods like thermal maps, finding "highways" with hundreds of flights on the same map, live tracking and international comparison.

The heart of WeGlide are decentralized competitions. Our scoring algorithms are flexible to adapt for different or new competition formats.

How did it start?

WeGlide was started by Moritz, Johannes and Samuel. All three are pilots driven by the desire to enable open research on the data of thousands of flights while working on their passion.

Published articles about WeGlide