Edit or delete a flight

A flight can only be edited or deleted when logged in as the pilot of the flight.

You can get to the edit page of a flight by clicking on the pen symbol on the left hand side of the flight page.


Some information regarding flight, like comment, registration or competition id of your glider can be edited at all times. You may choose to add / delete such data because of privacy concerns at all times.


Other information which concerns the scoring of your flight, can only be edited until 12:00 local time two days after your flight. This information includes the type of glider and the scoring windows. If you upload a flight after the deadline mentioned above, it is marked as not valid. You can edit the scoring information of such flights until 24 hours after the time of upload.


You can type in the name of your glider in the text field and select one of the returned options. If you glider is missing, please open up an issue here or contact us via email. If you have flown a glider with engine or Front Electric Sustainer (FES), please make sure you select the proper kind. If you select a glider without engine, we assume that there are no engine runs present. The symbol behind the aircraft (gas station or lightning) indicates whether a glider has an engine or FES.


Scoring windows

Every flight can have one or multiple scoring windows. These refer to the parts of your flight, where there was no engine running and you were not on tow. We automatically score all scoring windows and select the best result for you. You can even have your triangle result in one scoring window and your free distance result in another one.

We try our best to detect all engine runs and tows, but the results can sometimes be wrong because of a high background noise level. For example, when uploading the flight below, we see that there is a false engine run detected after 09:00.


We zoom closer in the barogram and see that, indeed, this is wrongly detected.


The scoring window should be from 07:51:14 to 16:23:05.

The first step is to delete the scoring window from 09:11:26 to 16:23:05. In the second step, adjust the scoring end of the first window to from 09:08:15 to 16:23:05.


Make sure to hit save after making these adjustments to trigger a rescore.

Invalid flight because of logger outage

If your flight is invalid because of an logger outage exceeding 120 seconds, you have two options. You can leave the flight as it is and see the total distance. Or you can adjust your scoring windows like showed above to exclude the time of the logger outage. Your flight then gets rescored and becomes valid.

Deleting a flight

A flight can be deleted at all times. Visit the settings page of the flight and select 'Delete' in the lower left corner.