Search and filters

Nearly everything on WeGlide can be filtered and searched. Therefore it pays of to understand the working principles of this tiny input box.

Type your desired search term and select one of the suggestions. Everything works like a normal search engine with the possibility of combining multiple search terms to powerful filters.

Possible filters

  • Club
  • Airport
  • Pilot
  • Aircraft or aircraft class
  • Task name: Only available for tasks
  • Country, region/state, continent or sector (e.g. alps)
  • Flight distance: Start typing > or < followed by the desired distance
  • Date or date range: Select the calendar symbol in the search bar and select your date. Switch to "range" and select start and end date for date ranges.

Multiple filters can be combined.

Filters from the same type extend the search whereby different filter types reduce the search further. The logic follows the intuition.


All flights in the apls from Max and Moritz longer than 250 km

  • Alps
  • Max
  • Moritz
  • > 250 km

All flights from winter 2020 starting from Worcester and Orient:

  • Select calender icon, tap on Range and select start and end
  • Worcester
  • Orient

All flights done with a club class glider in the german states Hessen and Rheinland-Pfalz:

  • Clubclass
  • Hessen
  • Rheinland-Pfalz

Search history

WeGlide stores the last ten selected filters the device and presents them as suggestions when clicking the search box. We do not transfer or store search histories on our servers.