Flight Upload

New or old flight, traffic pattern or 1000 kilometers, every flight is welcome on WeGlide. Pictures taken or a small comment will help beginners and friends understand your flight.

Any number of flights can be uploaded and edited at the same time.

Participation in the competition

Each flight automatically takes part in all eligible competitions. For competitions like the DMSt you have to have a club in your profile.


WeGlide automatically determines the highest possible number of points for the individual competitions. It can happen that you get more points with a free route than with your too cautiously declared task. In the detailed view of the flight you will find detailed information on how the points for a competition were calculated.

Aircraft detection

As far as possible, aircraft are automatically read from the flight file. If you change the aircraft, WeGlide will remember this for the next flights with this logger.

Scoring window

WeGlide automatically recognizes the evaluation windows and displays them depending on the selected aircraft type and engine. The prerequisite is that the correct aircraft is selected when uploading. Please check the scoring window before you press save.

Engine runs

If an aircraft with an engine is selected during the upload, the engine run appears in the barogram and WeGlide takes into account the detected engine runs for the evaluation window. This recognition does not work in exceptional cases, but the scoring windows can be adjusted manually.


WeGlide shows airspaces that you have crossed. Even for old flights, the current airspace is assumed. We have no information on older airspaces or current releases / inactivities. We do not know or check if you have had any clearances, if any airspace was incactive or if the airspace did not yet exist at the time of the flight.