Online Declaration

Online declaration is a new variant to easily declare tasks even at short notice. Click here to get to the task secton on WeGlide.


If a task is declared online, this always happens for a certain period of time (1, 3 or 7 days). In your own profile or under "Tasks" you can see how long the declaration will last for. The declaration can be deleted at any time.

If a flight is started before the online declaration has expired, the declared task (if completed) will be counted towards the bonuses. The online declaration overwrites any tasks that are present in the logger.

If no task has been declared online, the logger is checked and the task from the logger is used if applicable.

How do I get a task to WeGlide

WeGlide offers its own planning software; if you don't want to use it or already have many planned tasks, you can easily upload them in various formats (.cup, .tsk files). Just click on upload in the task section.

Your own tasks appear under "Tasks" in the "My" tab and can be declared online from there.

Discover tasks of other pilots

Not only your own tasks, but also public tasks of others can be declared. You can mark tasks that you like with a star and find the tasks you have saved in the "Favorite" tab.

Custom turn points in WeGlide

Unfortunately that is not possible at the moment. WeGlide offers many turn points worldwide, which appear in the task planner when you zoom in on the map. A universal solution is being worked on.

Why can I not edit some of my task?

Tasks that have already been declared by you or someone else can no longer be edited. It is still possible to delete the task, which only hides it from the lists.