WeGlide Live is a real time tracking and scoring system which visualizes and processes data from the Open Glider Network. WeGlide Live is only possible because we were able to build on the previous work of others.

The OGN project has built a worldwide tracking platform for gliders, paragliders and other aircraft. Please consider supporting this project, as it lays the foundation for all further work from our side. To quote the OGN directly:

The OGN is growing and evolving. It is a work in progress and there is still much work to be done. You can help by funding, installing and running a receiver at your gliding club, at your home or anywhere the OGN has a 'hole' in its coverage. The cost of the receiver is probably less than two aerotows for most glider pilots.

The basis of the live software is the OGN gateway from Tobias Bieniek, who also developed SkyLines. Thankfully, the source code is freely available. It collects and stores data from the OGN. We were able to add aspects such as route analysis, user interface, live connect and elevation data to this.

We believe that real time scoring offers many new perspectives for the sport of gliding and can help the gliding community attract more publicity. While we are very excited to launch this service, we understand that there are individuals who do not want to appear in WeGlide Live. Privacy was one of our biggest concerns when developing this feature. We do not use any Cookies on our sites to track you and you can at any time delete all data that you have uploaded to WeGlide.


With a standard FLARM installed and no further action, you will not be visible on WeGlide live. This is different to other sites, where all traffic from OGN is displayed. We only show gliders that have been registered in the OGN Device Database. In addition, we do not show data from devices where either of

  • I don't want this device to be identified
  • I don't want this device to be tracked

has been selected.


If you have changed your mind about either of these options, you can edit the settings regarding your flarm device here. Please note that you need to log in with the account that has created the entry in the device database to edit or delete it.

If you have no access to the account which has registered the flarm in the OGN Device Database, you can contact Glidernet by mail to change the settings or remove the device from the database for you. If this does not work for you, you can also contact us directly and we will exclude your flarm device from our tracking.

Please also have a look at the Glidernet Opt-in / Opt-out section.

No-track flag

With the new FLARM firmware you can also set the "no-track" flag on your FLARM device configuration - this tells OGN not to show your position nor track. Data from FLARM devices where the "no-track" flag has been selected is rejected by all OGN ground stations. The data is not relayed to the OGN infrastructure or logged anywhere.

If you have set the "no-track" flag on your device, OGN will not be able to assist in case of emergency (SAR). Therefore if you do not wish to be "seen" in WeGlide Live, we recommend to not use this flag, but to check the I don't want this device to be tracked option in the OGN Device Database. Your position will not be displayed, but it will be logged on the OGN servers and in case of emergency OGN will be able to help.