Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I being tracked?

We use data from the OGN. You have registered your flarm device in the OGN Device Database at some point. See here on how to change that.

Do you show all information from OGN?

We only track aircraft that fullfil all of the below requirements:

  • Have not selected the "no-track" flag on your flarm device
  • Have been registered in the OGN Device Database
  • Have not selected the "I don't want this device to be identified" box
  • Have not selected the "I don't want this device to be tracked" box
  • Have been registered with a glider that maps to an entry in GliderList

How can I be shown by name?

Visit your profile settings and select "Live Connect". If you have already uploaded a valid file where the flarm id you want to link is written, you may link your glider to your account forever. If you have not uploaded such a file yet or are flying an aircraft which is shared by multiple persons, you can link your account for up to three days

This is very complicated

We are working together with multiple partners to make Live Connect more simple for you in the future.

Why is my glider of the wrong kind?

We use this mapping to link the aircraft kind from the OGN DDB to our internal list of gliders. You might need to update your glider type in the OGN DDB to get the right result.

Why is my declared task showing up?

If you declare a task on WeGlide, the declaration is public by default. If you link your account to a flarm device by using Live Connect, we will show and score your declared task. If you do not want your declaration to be shown to others, you need to declare a private task.

Why is my declared task not showing up?

Please make sure all of the following points are satisfied:

  • You have declared a non-private task via online declaration
  • You have linked your account via Live Connect

How can I find my Flarm ID?

Please see here for more information.

Which gliders are shown in the ranking?

In the ranking, we display the first hundred gliders that are currently inside the bounding box of your map, sorted by their distance. If you zoom in or out, new aircraft will appear and others will disappear.

What about SAR?

We are working on some features which will hopefully simplify SAR in the future. We have set up an endpoint where FLARM can retrieve IGC files from other gliders flying in the same area for a particular day in an emergency. This will help them to faster find the last position of a missing aircraft.