How to

Live Connect

You can link your account with a particular aircraft. Visit your profile settings and select 'Live Connect'. If you have already uploaded a valid file where the flarm id you want to link is written, you may link your glider to your account forever. If you have not uploaded such a file yet or are flying an aircraft which is shared by multiple persons, you can link your account for up to three days.


Once you have connected your account, your name will be displayed in the live scoring section. Also, people can search for your club or your name and can see your track.


Providing false information

Please note that deliberate misuse of this feature will lead to you getting banned from WeGlide Live. We may also choose to take further action regarding your account if we determine you to link to false devices. Your misuse may hinder search and rescue efforts and slow down actions to determine the last position of a glider in case of emergency, which is why we won't tolerate this behaviour.

Auto connecting

We are working together with several partners to simplify device linking in the future.

Task declaration

If you used online declaration to declare a public task and connect to a glider via Live Connect, the task with be displayed and scored on your flight. If you do not want your task to be visible, you need to declare a private task.


You can use the search field to filter the ranking by

  • Registration
  • Takeoff airport
  • Takeoff region (e.g. Rhineland-Palatinate)
  • Takeoff country
  • Club
  • User

Add an entry to the OGN DDB

Visit the OGN Device Database and create an account if you don't already have one. Click on Add Device, you can then enter all the information of your aircraft. Make sure you have read and understand the OGN Opt-in / Opt-out section.


Change your information in the OGN DDB

Visit the OGN Device Database and log in with the account with which you have created the original entry. Click on My Devices, you can then delete the entry by clicking on the bin icon or change the settings for that entry.


If you have no access to the account which has registered the flarm in the OGN Device Database, you can contact Glidernet by mail to change the settings or remove the device from the database. If this does not work for you, you can also contact us directly and we will exclude your flarm device from our tracking.

Change your FLARM to "no-track"

Visit the FLARM Website on how to set the "no-track" flag.

If you have set the "no-track" flag on your device, OGN will not be able to assist in case of emergency (SAR). Therefore if you do not wish to be "seen" in WeGlide Live, we recommend to not use this flag, but to check the I don't want this device to be tracked option in the OGN Device Database. Your position will not be displayed, but it will be logged on the OGN servers and in case of emergency OGN will be able to help.